Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Special Note of Thanks to All of You

1st August, 2011
To My Dearest Followers,
This is a very Special Note of Thank You to all of you who have supported me from the time I picked up my pen to compose my first word in my blog. Although I do not have a mind boggling number of followers, but the quality of your encouragements through all your comments as well as emails have prompted me to send across my humble collection of short stories to a handful of reputed publishers in India. Now, 2 months later, my first collection of short stories which I have named “Strange Connections” is underway. The editing & the cover design work is going on and the earliest the book is expected to hit the market will be in December.
I would especially like to thank Legacy who inspired me to write again after a ten year break from creative writing. I have also mentioned the following people in my acknowledgements :
Drachma – For being the first to encourage me and always being my ardent reader.
Psycho Basher – For the complete and unconditional support.
Cayman – For always being there and for giving meaning to my writings.
And to all those whom I have not mentioned, every single word from you has been my inspiration to reach out & connect to a nameless stranger who knows me intimately through my writings.
Thanks for all the inspiration guys. You all are simply wonderful!

With Love,
JM 99

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Gulmohar Tree

Right in the centre of the construction site of the new five-star hotel stood a gulmohar tree. The tree was an impediment to the layout of the plans for the premise. There was no other option but to bring it down.
Over many long and laborious years the roots of the tree had slowly penetrated the earth, spreading out intuitively to suck in the life force that made the tender sapling bloom into a strong and proud tree. The roots branched out unevenly in apparently random directions but sure in the knowledge and wisdom of experience. The roots brought stability and security in the whimsical tides of fortune. It held the gulmohar tree firmly and obstinately. It prevented the tree from sailing on a raft of clouds to experience the euphoria of flight. It stopped the tree from walking away from disaster. It grounded the gulmohar tree decisively and surely to its home and its identity.

Over many a summer and monsoon and autumn, the sapling had shot up and reached for the heavens through its branches spread out to greet the call of the wild. The branches divided and subdivided to embrace the creativity unimaginable to the roots. They sang with the birds and danced with the breeze. They embodied the deepest aspirations and expressions of the soul of the tree and bore flowers of radiant, unparalleled beauty. They brought fulfilment to the gulmohar tree.
The tree weathered many a storm due to the strength of its roots and sought many an ideal due to the expanse of its branches.
The engineers of the construction site pondered upon the most effective method in bringing down the gulmohar tree. They debated whether to uproot it from its stump or to cut off the branches first. It is always a dilemma which is more painful.....the death of the life flowing through the body or the ruthless murder of the spirit of life. What can the roots support if the branches are amputated? What is security without dreams? What good are the branches when the roots are wrenched off? What are dreams without strength?
In the middle of the construction site stood a gulmohar tree; and while the engineers were busy making plans to replace the tree with the foundation of a swimming pool, the tree lived and breathed and dreamed life to its overflowing brim, blissfully unaware and unconcerned about five star hotels and profitability of business.
After all, the tree had learned that the intensity of life matters more than illusions of permanence.