Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friendship Award

I received this Award which I perceive to be a gesture of intimacy, support, and overall a beautiful friendship from Psycho Babbling Basher. Thank you Psycho, you whom I have never met and only known since last two months, yet I feel this wonderful bond with you, as if we have known each other since centuries. I am sure that tomorrow if I lose someone special, you are a person on whose shoulders I can cry....any time of day and night, that according to me is the true meaning of friendship, rather than saying hi / hello and chatting everyday.

I would like to share 3 things about Psycho, in the tradition of this award :

1. She has a fascination for reading and stalks Paulo Coelho on the net.
2. She grew up as a tomboy, and is the favourite lady in the lives of 3 men - her dad, her hubby & her son.
3. She has phobia of snakes.

Now its my turn to pass on this Award to some people who have captured my heart and made this virtual world seem more real than real life.

1. To Psycho, for all the reasons stated above and more.

2. To Cayman, for having that hug ready for me.

3. To Alicia, for trusting in me and encouraging me by just being there.

4. To Drachma for reading and commenting on everything I write, and thus inspiring me so much without his knowledge.

5. To Legacy, for teaching me to live life NOW and being the original muse for me to pick up my pen after 10 years. Legs, if I ever write a book, I would dedicate it to you.

I would like to further personalise this Award, and leave it optional for all of you to pass it on. However, it would make my day, if all of you would accept it from me.


  1. 99, thank you so much for this award, and your friendship.

  2. Just, I am honoured to accept this award, and I am touched by your kind words. To have inspired a writer as gifted as you to pick up your pen is beyond anything I could have hoped to contribute to the blogosphere.

    On the other matter, I have not taught you anything, but I am grateful for the opportunity if I have in any way helped you to discover what is within yourself. I think a couple of professional authors may have had a bit more to do with that, though.

    As I do not do the award thing on my blog, I will honour the tradition here:

    1. Just is a devoted mother to her beautiful children.
    2. Just has that rare gift that brings meaning to her words well beyond what is visibly written.
    3. Just has brought new life to a special place that had been deathly quiet for some time, and has even raised some dearly missed ghosts there.

  3. Just Me, let me tell you that it with pleasure that I read what you write. I honestly think that you have the makings of something great in the world of writing.
    And thank you so much.

  4. Aww... thank you for the gift of true friendship JM. It is priceless.

  5. thought I did respond to this already. so sorry.
    thank you so much, and I do appreciate your kind words..and I'm always here for you.
    You're lovely and I'm so glad that we meet at the Shop and the Bar.
    keep up with your great writing...and your wonderful spirit.
    Love you..