Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Silent Pond

The pond was still and calm, and its depth unexplored. It was tranquil and playful and full of bliss. How large it was I do not know but it encompassed all known concepts of peace and love. It was steady and I could glide in its still waters with the enthusiasm of a child and the ease of a practiced professional. The pond was lively in its calmness and joyous in its serenity. It reflected the colours of the trees and the flowers around it and danced with the silver moonlight at night. The pond was the only life there was that I knew.
That was until someone threw a pebble in it. The pebble caused a ripple that disturbed the stillness of the pond. The slight disturbance grew more intense as the pebble was followed by more pebbles. Soon everybody was throwing pebbles at the silent pond. There was a turmoil. The ripples became angry waves and the waves became currents and exploded with alarming speed to knock every part of the tranquil pond. There was no more laughter, no more joy. Before my eyes, the pond changed into an angry ocean full of tides and undercurrents, threatening to swallow the simplicity I knew.
The ocean had strength and passion. It lured, it shouted, it spoke a hundred words. Yet it could not speak the profound truth reflected in the pond. It roared and was joined by the howling wind. Together they screamed of treasures found and treasures lost. They howled of deceit and anger. They abused the tides and cried of abandonment. They did not understand love.
Men rode the waves on mighty ships. Some were out to challenge the world, some to make a fortune, and some just to ride an adventure. Nobody understood the language of the child. The ocean raged and fumed and tossed the mere mortals out in grave fury, indifferent to the emotions of humans. Its fury frightened some while others were enchanted and attracted. But no-one understood its meaning.
I was wrapped in the mystery of life unfolding and changing before my eyes. I forgot about the silent pond. I dreamt of the merchants and pirates of the sea. I was sucked in by the unfathomable secrecy of the ocean.
I fought to free myself from the conspiracy of the waves and the abuses of the winds and somehow, a haunting note penetrated the chaos and whispered to me some long forgotten songs. I trust the song and follow it as I know I am loved and secure. Somewhere, very deep, in the realms of my mind, I know that I have been caressed by joy and divinity profoundly in a space and time where there is a silent pond that reflects my naked self intimately.

(I dedicate this post to my dear friend Cayman, who led me back to the Silent Pond i had forgotten)


  1. I can most definitely relate to this. There have been more than a few pebbles thrown into my pond recently. I'm glad you have found a way back to serenity and that are able to write so beautifully about it.

  2. lovely...the pure bliss of being led...I know about that.

  3. I have found that writing (and painting, photography, reading, etc) help me to return to that serene place that I know resides deep within. I suspect that those whose lives are in turmoil, and can't seem to express some of that which is deep within often need to "just do it," as the Nike commercial suggests, and worrying about the outcome is not as meaningful as the therapeutic act of doing.
    In any event, when the output is as good as this - well, we all gain.
    And thank you for this lovely post.

  4. Beautiful as always! They say home is where the heart is, and strange, isn't it? When you realize you've actually left home only to find it back and feel your heart back "home" again. ;)

  5. You have an award dearest

  6. I know that note, that song, and I trust it, too. And I am so ready to wade into that pond again. I will, too.

  7. I love this! You write simply, but so eloquently. I can definitely relate to how you were feeling. Pebbles are just a part of life, but it's how we deal with the ripples they create that truly defines our strength as a person. Really well done!