Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Book is on Amazon .....

My friends outside India who want to read my book, "Strange Connections" is now available on Amazon. Please click on the link below....

It is priced at $5 and is a collection of 27 short stories  touching and probing the themes of love, lust, passion, fear, hope, death and forgiveness.


  1. That's thrilling news. I just placed my order!

  2. This Book totally rocks!

    If you don't have it yet, it IS a MUST HAVE!

    Hey yah sis, Amazon now eh? My my, we're going to rule the world of literature!

  3. Congratulations Just :)X

    But I followed the link and it says it's out of print ?

  4. Ah! Went to purchase and Amazon claims the book is out of print! :( Hopefully this changes. I see that Cayman left a wonderful review of it that makes me wish to get my hands on this all the more.

  5. I did enquire from the publisher and it now says 'temporarily out of stock' or 'limited stock'. It seems that Amazon orders copies from the publisher as and when there is an order. Quite a few of my friends abroad have already ordered copies and they will be delivered soon. So in case you wannna buy, you may place your order now.